Saada’s Civilian Death Toll Continues To Rise Due To Saudi Shelling


Saudi Arabia continues to commit daily crimes against civilians in the border areas of Saada province, northern Yemen, leaving a number of innocent victims.

On Friday, two civilians were wounded after Saudi forces targeted the areas of the Shada border district, according to a security source in the province.

It is noteworthy that about 20 civilians were killed or wounded this week as a result of repeated Saudi attacks on the border districts, the majority of the victims from the Shada border district.

It is also worth noting that hardly a day goes by without casualties among Yemeni civilians as a result of the continuous Saudi shelling on the residents of the border areas, in which they use artillery and missile shells, over the past eight years of war on Yemen.

Medical sources have reported that the death toll of Saudi attacks on the Monabbih border district in Saada governorate during the months of January and February amounted to 202 civilians dead and wounded.