Revolution Leader :The Path To Peace Is Clear And is Presented By Ending The Aggression, Siege And Occupation


Leader of the revolution Abdulmalik al-Houthi has reaffirmed that the path to peace is clear and is represented in ending the aggression, siege and occupation.

The leader’s statement came in the anniversary of al-Sarkha slogan in which he addressed the effects of the aggression on the Yemeni people representing in the file of prisoners, file of reconstruction and compensation for damages.

He said “As much as we gave space to the efforts of the brothers in the Sultanate of Oman, we cannot continue indefinitely, because others have nothing but to plot against our country, thinking that they are gaining more time to implement some plots and plans, but they will not succeed, God willing, in anything.” From that, they will realize their bad consequences and their wrong bets, as they were wrong in the past years.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi explained that if the Saudi portrays himself as having independent decisions, then let him prove his independence in the Yemen file and deal fairly and in what is in his true interest, as peace, security and stability cannot bring himself and the implementation of his economic ambitions except through peace for the Yemeni people, and the lifting of the siege on Yemen.

He asked “How do those aggressors against this the people think in moving on the economic level in encouraging investments, realizing huge ambitions, and concluding great deals, while at the same time assuming for themselves that they will continue to strangle and starve our people and deprive them of their national wealth? Do they imagine that our people will accept that? It cannot accept.” Thus, they have absolutely no right to impose this situation, blockade and deprive our people of their national wealth.”

The leader of the revolution stressed that decisive military action will be taken against every attempt to plunder the wealth of the Yemeni people in any of the provinces of Yemen not only at the level of oil and gas, but also the sovereign national wealth, including minerals, and that any contracts with mercenaries and traitors represent nothing.

He stated that any measures in light of the conspiracies of the enemies in all the provinces of Yemen will not be accepted —- whoever comes under the shadow of the occupying aggressor to raise its voice has no value because it moves within the framework of what the occupier wants, and it is not a responsible move for the sake of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the most senior official in the traitors’ names could be prevented by the simplest Emirati or Saudi intelligence officer from returning to Aden or to any other province without their permission.

He continued “In light of the procrastination and the continuation of conspiracies, we as a Yemeni people are concerned with continuing efforts to confront aggression and readiness for all possibilities at any moment and at any time, and we strive for that, and if others imagine that they will be immune from the effects and consequences of their aggression and siege, then they are delusional.”

He stressed that the suffering and deprivation of the Yemeni of its wealth cannot continue without accountability, and this policy in dealing with our country cannot be accepted, while the path to peace is clear and our position is firm and our commitment towards our people and martyrs is clear.

He said, “Our al-Sarkha in the face of the arrogant is continuous and was present in our firm position that will never back down in all stages, neither by enticement nor by intimidation, and the slogan in the face of the arrogant since the beginning of the aggression was strong and embodied in confronting the enemies, and it was present over the Abrams tanks and when firing long-range missiles and marches in land and sea.”

Al-Houthi emphasized that the Qur’anic project at this stage is stronger than any previous stage, despite all that it has been attacked with since its inception until today, just as the awareness of the Yemeni people is very high, the most important of which were conspiracies.

The leader of the revolution called on the Yemeni people to attend the great and honorable presence in the marches of al-Sarkha squares in the face of the arrogant powers tomorrow, to express the position of the Yemeni people towards the plots of their enemies against it and it nation around it, and the steadfastness of its position towards the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.