Abdulsalam :There Is No Way To Leave People Of Gaza Vulnerable To Genocide


The official spokesman for Ansar Allah, Muhammad Abdulsalam, confirmed that the massacre at the Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza was genocide with American-Western cover.

Abdulsalam, indicated in a post on the “x” that this massacre is a Zionist atrocity that requires a lot of work to destroy Zionist arrogance.

He said, “There is no room for leaving the people of Gaza vulnerable to genocide, and all Islamic countries are concerned with effective and deterrent action, with the axis of resistance at the forefront.”

Abdulsalam, added, “Whoever’s fortunes tremble or who puts his interests ahead of the blood of the people of Gaza, there is no good in him,” stressing that the interest of Muslims is in victory for the people of Gaza, and anything less than that is humiliation and humiliation.