Capital, Sana’a, several other Yemeni governorates witness mass rallies in support of Palestine


The capital, Sana’a, and several other governorates in Yemen witnessed massive rallies on Friday, in solidarity with the Palestinian people under the title “Our path with Gaza…Forward until victory.”

The demonstrators raised Palestinian and Yemeni flags, expressing their anger towards the Zionist massacres in Gaza, condemning the weak Arab positions towards the atrocities against the people of Gaza.

The statement of the demonstration emphasized the importance of continuing demonstrations, marches, and popular and official events in support of the Palestinian people, condemning the ongoing Zionist crimes and denouncing international silence and Arab complicity. It expressed support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

The statement reaffirmed Yemen’s consistent and principled position in supporting the Palestinian people, praising the qualitative operations of the Yemeni armed forces in targeting Israeli, American, and British ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea until the aggression stops and the siege on Gaza is lifted.

The statement called for the continuation of the jihad and military mobilization, readiness in training camps, and declaring high readiness to engage in the battle of the Promised Victory and Holy Jihad.

It demanded the opening of land corridors to reach Palestinian territory to fight the criminal Zionist enemy.

The statement also renewed the call to activate the weapon of boycott against American and Israeli products and companies supporting them, along with continuous awareness of this effective and influential weapon, accessible to everyone.