Public Display of Graduates from Open Military Programs in Hajjah City


In a remarkable display of solidarity and preparedness, the center of Hajjah Governorate in Yemen witnessed a public demonstration by the first batch of graduates from the open military programs as part of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” campaign, the Promised Conquest battle, and the Holy Jihad.

The graduates, who are members of executive offices, bodies, institutions, universities, colleges, and residents of the governorate center, raised both the Yemeni and Palestinian flags. This act symbolized the importance of the Palestinian cause in the hearts of the Yemeni people.

The event was attended by Governor Hilal Al-Sufi, Secretary-General of the Local Council in the Governorate Ismail Al-Mahim, Mobilization Official Naif Abu Kharfasha, and deputies of the governorate. The graduates presented displays that reflected their level of discipline and military readiness.

The graduates chanted slogans of freedom and support for the oppressed Palestinian people, and disavowed America and Israel. They affirmed their readiness to support the Mujahideen and the axis of resistance.

They confirmed their full readiness to join the battle alongside the Yemeni armed forces under the leadership of the Revolution Commander, Sayyid Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, in confronting the invading Zionist-American-British enemy and defending the land, honor, and national sovereignty.

They renewed their absolute endorsement of the revolutionary leadership in making appropriate choices to support the axis of resistance and respond to the blatant American-British aggression on Yemen. They also blessed the operations of the armed forces in the occupied Palestinian territories, the Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea.

In the ceremony, Hajjah Governor praised the response of members of government agencies in all their components and sectors who declared their full readiness to confront the forces of invasion and global arrogance and to triumph for Gaza.

He pointed out the positions of the people of Hajjah Governorate, their heroism, and their sacrifices in standing with the truth and supporting the oppressed, and providing convoys of martyrs in all fields of conflict to confront the barbaric aggression on Yemen.

In a speech delivered by Abdul Khaliq Adlan, the participants in the display emphasized the importance of the knowledge and combat skills they acquired from military training to play the religious, moral, and humanitarian role in supporting Al-Aqsa and fighting the promised day battle and the holy jihad.

The display, attended by the head of the appeal prosecution in the governorate, Judge Abdullah Al-Ahmar, the director of the security and intelligence apparatus, and mobilization officials, was interspersed with two poems by Ali Al-Nami and Hashed Al-Mahmari