Sayyed Abdul-Malik calls on Yemeni people to persist in their Support for Gaza during Ramadan


The Leader of the Yemeni Revolution Leader, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, called on the Yemeni people to continue mobilizing and persist in their weekly demonstrations to support the people of the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the need for unwavering commitment.

“We are entering the blessed month while engaging in jihad to support the Palestinian people through missiles, drones, financial aid, and widespread popular mobilization,” Sayed Abdul-Malik stated in an expanded meeting attended by scholars and state leaders to welcome the holy month of Ramadan.

He affirmed that it is not surprising that many people may feel bored with weekly Gaza support rallies, despite their simplicity, noting that spending 2 hours weekly in Al-Sabeen Square is a vital personal jihad stage.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik emphasized that the demonstrations are not only symbolic but are also linked to missile strikes and combat operations. “When the United States observes missiles and drones approaching its warships, it perceives a significant level of popular support behind these actions.”

“Participation in these rallies is not only commendable and necessary but also sends a powerful message to the enemy that there is strong support behind the naval operations,” he added.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik pointed out that many Muslims have turned a deaf ear to the calls from Gaza, indicating a lack of spiritual commitment. “Ignoring the plight of Gaza would be a grave violation of religious duty.”

“If specific developments occur during Ramadan, we will respond accordingly, guided by the principles of justice and righteousness,” he stated.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik reiterated that Yemen’s operations in support of Gaza will continue in Ramadan, and the activities will persist. Certain essential actions must be maintained.