local authority in Sa’ada :13,532 Martyrs and wounded the result of the aggression


The local authority in Sa’ada Governorate organized a central speech event on the ninth anniversary of National Resilience Day and the passage of nine years of US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and blockade.

At the event, Governorate Undersecretary Saleh Oqab praised the legendary steadfastness of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council, and the Yemeni people, and their steadfastness in the face of the coalition of aggression led by America and its tools.

At the event, Director of the Human Rights Office in Sa’ada, Yahya Al-Khatib, reviewed statistics of nine years of the American-Saudi aggression against the governorate.

He explained that the total number of civilian martyrs and wounded reached 13,532 martyrs and wounded, including four thousand and 738 martyrs and 8, 794 wounded, indicating that the number of child martyrs who were killed in the aggression’s air strikes amounted to 1,298 children, while the number of the wounded reached 1,412 children and 772 martyred women and 756 were injured.

Al-Khatib reviewed the losses in service facilities, with the aggression’s aircraft destroying 180,331 homes, six university facilities, 568 mosques, 31 tourist facilities, 89 hospitals and health centers, 390 schools and educational centers, eight sports facilities, 35 archaeological sites, five media facilities, and 6,981 agricultural fields.

He pointed on the losses suffered by the infrastructure as a result of the aggression’s deliberate policy of complete destruction, by targeting Sa’ada Airport, destroying 54 electrical stations and generators, as well as destroying 1,657 roads and bridges, 164 communications networks and stations, and targeting 1,223 tanks and water networks, and 196 government facilities.

The Director of the Human Rights Office stated that economic facilities were targeted by the aggression coalition, as the aggression destroyed 51 factories, 52 fuel tankers, three thousand and 365 commercial facilities, 104 chicken and livestock farms, two thousand and 473 means of transportation, 152 food trucks, 180 markets and 167 warehouses. Food and 94 gas stations.

Al-Khatib stressed that the statistics that were presented confirm the barbarism and criminality of the countries of the aggression coalition and reveal the hypocrisy and clear complicity of the so-called human rights organizations that preferred to please the executioner at the expense of the victim, with the horrific massacres that Yemen was exposed to during nine years.