Sayyid Al-Houthi: We Possess Significant, Sensitive Options; No Red Lines or Intimidation Can Influence Us


In a recent address, the leader, Sayyid Abdulmalik Badreddin al-Houthi, clarified the latest developments in Palestine and the ongoing operations on the Yemeni front. He confirmed that the operations targeting American, Israeli, and British ships, as well as those associated with the Israeli enemy, continue unabated. The targeted ships have reached a total of 112, with operations this week involving 10 ballistic missiles, winged missiles, and a drone.
Sayyid al-Houthi explained and made it clear that the fourth stage of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ operations, announced in conjunction with the Israeli aggression on Rafah, would include any ships of any company related to supplying or transporting goods to the enemy(Israel), regardless of its destination. He added that any ship that transported goods to the enemy’s ports after the issuance of the ban decision, which is currently in effect, would be a target to Yemen’s Armed Forces anywhere their hands could reach.
He emphasized that when a decision is made at a certain stage, it means that the capabilities that we can benefit from to implement that decision have become available to us. From now on, we are also thinking about the fifth and sixth stages, and we have very important and sensitive options that affect the enemies.
Al-Houthi confirmed that there are no red lines that can hinder us from implementing our operations. What matters to us when implementing our operations are two things: the legitimate ethical controls, and the level of capabilities and abilities.
He confirmed that we strive in terms of developing capabilities and providing capabilities to achieve, Allah’s willing, great goals. The Israeli enemy is an enemy of the nation and poses a danger and threat to security and peace at the global level. He also confirmed that the American role with the Israelis is an aggressive and brutal role that does not give any values, laws, or covenants any consideration and that the only language the enemy understands is the language of power and the nation needs to pay attention to the power of deterrence.
Al-Houthi said: “We are thinking and striving practically for the fifth stage, and our ceiling in the fourth stage will strengthen, Allah’s willing, and will gain momentum gradually. We also have sensitive strategic options that are important and influential on the enemy, and with Allah’s help and support, we will reach them.”
He confirmed, saying: “There are no political accounts that affect us at the level of our position, and we are not among those who submit under the title of interest to the influences of temptation or intimidation, and we did not care about all the threats directed at us, and we build on the readiness for all possibilities.”
He explained that our liberating reality has helped us, thanks to Allah, to take the appropriate position, confirming that all Arab and Islamic countries, if they turned to adopt a position that suits them and cooperated among themselves, would not have happened what is happening.
Al-Houthi said: “If any Arab country wants us to activate those capabilities that are in its warehouses instead of keeping them exposed to rust or misuse, we are ready to activate them against the Israeli enemy.”
He praised the stance of the Arab countries that refused to allow the Americans to use their lands to target Yemen. He expressed hope that these Arab countries would embrace greater liberation, stating, “The Arab countries are more deserving of the liberation that many African countries are experiencing.”
He pointed out that the complex of feeling weak has caused some regimes to see themselves as unable to protect themselves unless America is with them, confirming that the adoption of correct policies and building capabilities and positive relations with the nation is what benefits the sons of the nation.
Regarding popular activities in Yemen, Al-Houthi confirmed that they are excellent. The momentum of marches and demonstrations last week is greater than the week before it, confirming that with the announcement of the fourth stage of escalation, the total number of demonstrations and marches reached 4250 marches and demonstrations, adding that popular events and student stands and seminars and evenings exceeded 300 thousand events.
He confirmed that the number of trainees in military mobilization and rehabilitation reached 296 thousand, and this is a good achievement that should continue.
He explained that the weekly protests, involving millions every Friday, have become a regular part of our people’s schedule. This mass participation is crucial in unifying our military positions. The same thing goes for donations, boycotts, and other activities. Sayyid al-Houthi assured that “As the enemy intensifies their actions, we will respond in kind, escalating our efforts across all levels and activities.”
Regarding the enemy’s escalation at the Rafah crossing and east of Rafah and the expected threat to the rest of Rafah, Sayyid al-Houthi confirmed that it should be met with a larger movement on all levels.