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How successful are the UAE troops in the Western Coast?

YemenExtra Y.A Over weeks, waiting for the coalition on Yemen to launch a new military operation with a new ally in the West Coast Front, Tariq Saleh troops , backed by the United Arab Emirates ,launched their battle on the…

There are too many lost childhoods in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A By : Huwaida AL-Yousefi They spill out into the streets early in the morning; they have small bodies, pale faces and bold features. You might think that they are on their way to school, but a closer look reveals that…

Why are people protesting against Mohammed Bin Salaman?

YemenExtra Y.A About Saudi Arabia’s still dismal human rights record, its involvement in the three-year-old Yemeni war, and the UK government’s arms sales to the country. The Stop the War coalition and Campaign Against the Arms…