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What you need to know : the battle for the West Coast

YemenExtra Y.A More than 50 paid fighters of the US-Saudi-led coalition were killed, including leaders, as the Yemeni army faced a number of offensive operations of the US-Saudi-led coalition in #the West Coast in an attempt to advance on…

Legal battle to prove UK-Saudi Arabia arms sales unlawful

YemenExtra Y.A Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is at the Court of Appeal today to review the export of British weapons systems to Saudi Arabia for use in the ongoing war in Yemen. The judicial review is being brought against Liam Fox,…

Who Leads The Battle in North Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A US, UK and the united Arab of Emirates rejected any presence of al- Islah militias in the West Coast battles, informed sources said. This “Triple” disapproval came when Tariq Saleh showed up together in picture with…