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Scores of Saudi-Led Coalition Killed ,Wounded in Taiz

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemeni joint forces foiled advances of the Saudi-led coalition , causing losses amid their ranks in Taiz as response to the Saudi-led coalition's deadly air strikes that claimed the lives of about 13000 people…

Advances Foiled in Midi by the Yemeni Joint Forces

YemenExtra Y.A Pushing towards Midi desert , the Yemeni joint forces foiled ,Tuesday, two attempts of the paid fighters , according to ag military source . The operation resulted in killing and wounding dozens of the paid fighters…

An Advance Foiled in Bayda

YemenExtra Y.A Pushing toward Qiva area ,The Yemeni joint forces ,Saturday, foiled an attempt of the paid fighters and al-Qaeda elements to advance ,according to a miitary official. The operation ,in addition, left a number of the paid…