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Yemeni army forces launch drone strikes on their enemy

YemenExtra Y.A The air force of the Yemeni army forces launched drone strikes against the US-Saudi-led coalition in response to its fatal airstrikes. It , today ,launched drone’s strikes on a camp of the US-Saudi-led coalition in Jawf…

Saudi Says Ready to Launch More Strikes on Saadah

YemenExtra Y.A The US-Saudi coalition jets targeted ,Thursday morning ,Sa’adah province with 27 airstrikes. According to a military official, the jets launched seven raids, targeting the communications network in the Razih border…

Saudi-led coalition jets launch 3 raids on Serwah

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi-led coalition jets waged three raids on Serwah district of Marib province overnight, an official told Saba on Sunday . The raids aimed citizens' houses and burned farms, aiming to push residents to starvation.