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US officials ‘knew Saudi Arabia would fail in Yemen’

YemenExtra Y.A Senior US officials have known ever since Saudi Arabia began a war of aggression against Yemen that Riyadh would fail in the military campaign, something that they have also “bluntly” told the Saudis, a report says.…

US kills Yemeni people: international, Yemeni officials

YemenExtra Y.A The national negotiating delegation’s member Abdulmalik al-Ajari and UN said the US is a key partner in the war against Yemen and is behind the war continuation as part of its project in the region to secure Israel.…

Yemeni ,US officials dispute over the Yemeni issue

YemenExtra Y.A Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohamed Ali Al-Houthi, described US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement on peace in Yemen as "misleading", dismissing any encroachment on the Stockholm Agreement and its…