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Saudi-led coalition rapes needy people

YemenExtra Y.A Many of irregular migrants, predominantly Ethiopians, arrive in the south of the country, “creating an acute humanitarian situation,” the UN migration agency said on Friday, Reuters reports. They arrived in Aden and the…

The Saudi-led coalition rapes Yemenis all over Yemen

YemenExtra Y.a Dozens of rape crimes in Aden, Al-Khukhah and Mukha have been committed and victims and their families are forced to remain silent. The Ministry of Human Rights in the national Salvation government held the security…

The Saudi-led coalition rapes Yemeni childern!

YemenExtra Y.A The province of Aden, under the control of the United Arab Emirates,a main part of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, has witnessed a series of protests in different parts of the province, including Crater,…