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Yemeni responses affect the Saudi oil

YemenExtra Y.A Oil futures moved up Thursday to trade near the day’s highs, buoyed by news of heightened tensions in the Middle East. Tasnim New Agency reported that Yemeni troops launched retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi…

Yemeni joint forces’ responses on the ground

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemeni joint forces keep, on 24-5-2018, escalating their military operations , especially with the fourth year of the Saudi-led coalition and the assissanation of their president . Their enemy media admitted killing…

Sites Targeted by the Yemeni Joint Forces in Jizan, Najran

YemenExtra Y.A In a response to the Saudi-led coalition daily air strikes, the Yemeni war media reported , Sunday ,that the artillery and missile units of the Yemeni joint forces hit military sites and gatherings of Saudi army in Najran…