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UAE right hand in southern Yemen suffers from this

YemenExtra Y.A A top commander loyal to UAE forces on Tuesday survived an assassination attempt in Yemen’s southern province of Aden, a military official told YemenExtra. Unknown gunmen attacked the commander’s convoy Ali Askar alongside…

The media right , Saudi-led coalition in southern Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A A journalist and local historian, Abdullah Omar, was assassinated by unknown gunmen, believed to belong to# al-Qaeda and Daesh, on Friday. Another civilian, Hassan Ashal, was wounded east of the Mawdiah district of Abyan…

Israelis Right from the point of view of the Saudi prince

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince has said that Israelis “have the right to have their own land” and that formal relations between Israel and the kingdom could be mutually beneficial. The comments by Crown Prince…