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Saudi-led coalition kills ,wounds 88 Yemeni citizens

YemenExtra Y.A The number of victims of the crime by the Saudi-led coalition on wedding ceremony in Bani Qais district of northern Hajjah increased to 33 dead and 55 wounded, including women and children. Yemen on Monday strongly…

Saudi-led spying boat seized by Yemeni navy

YemenExtra SH.A. Yemeni Navy on Sunday seized a Saudi-led spying boat in the Yemeni territorial waters, local sources reported. Arabic-language Al-masirah news network said the Yemeni navy managed to seize a spying boat…

AL-Jawf is the Scene of Saudi-Led Coalition Losses

YemenExtra Y.A In response to the Saudi-led coalition's fatal air strikes , a number of the Saudi-led coalition's paid fighters fell dead and wounded in an attack by the Yemeni joint forces on their sites in AL-Jawf province. Units…