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What happens to main roads and streets in Yemen’s Socotra!

YemenExtra Y.A The UAE occupation militias on Wednesday imposed a suffocating siege on the headquarters of Hadi’s governor and the central bank on the island of Socotra, cutting off the island’s main roads and streets, local sources…

Angry Yemeni citizens almost daily roam streets over this!

YemenExtra Y.A Yemenis have taken to the streets of Yemen to protest against the Saudi-led war , backed by the US,on their country and to condemn the United States’ support for the coalition. A protest rally against Saudi military…

Dead bodies found on streets in Hadramout

YemenExtra Y.A Two dead bodies were found by citizens in Shehr area in the southern area of Yemen’s province of Hadhramout, a security official told YemenExtra. “It was difficult to identify the two killed due to absence of the…