International Organization Confirms That Saudi Airstrikes Disrupt Yemeni Children’s Lives



The Children’s Care Organization called on the international community to stand firmly for the lives of Yemen’s endangered children by ensuring the delivery of aid and commercial supplies.

In a report released by the organization entitled “Air strikes disrupt the lives of children in Yemen,” the organization stressed on the need to fully fund the UN humanitarian appeal plan and hold all parties responsible for violations of international law accountable.

The report pointed out that since the escalation of the conflict and the start of air strikes on Yemen, at least a thousand and 546 children were killed and two thousand and 450 others wounded since March 2015. All parties are responsible for violations of international laws, especially that the attacks have targeted homes, schools and hospitals.

“Our teams are helping children who have been mentally and physically affected by illegal attacks on homes, schools and hospitals, but in this crisis children are not only bombed, they are starved as well,” said the Country Director of the Children’s Care International Organization in Yemen, Grant Pritchard.

“The Saudi-led coalition stops the necessary supplies from entering through the sea, while all the parties are detaining aid workers and obstructing the delivery of aid by road. Many children and families do not know where their next meal will come from or where the next bomb will fall,” he said.