Iraqi Army Breaks apart tiny “Daesh” Pocket in Mosul as Battle about to Final Stage



The Iraqi Armed Forces are moving ever closer to complete victory in the country’s second largest city after government forces headed new key advancements on the western bank of the Tigris River on Thursday.

The Iraqi Army continued its blitz offensive by controlling  the Al-Rafaee district around noon after liberating four neighborhoods earlier in the week.

Then, on Thursday afternoon, the Counter Terrorism Units began raiding the Al-Najar neighborhood parallel to the Tigris River, that way separating  the Old City and Al-Zanjali districts from a handful of “Daesh”-held suburbs to the north.

Should the Iraqi Armed Forces seize control of the Al-Najar neighborhood entirely, they would secure Mosul’s northern 5th bridge and deal a ruining blow to “Daesh” insurgents.

However, Iraqi contingents did not stop there as the Federal Police and Rapid Response Division proceeded to free the adjacent Al-Aqtasadeen neighborhood, an urban advance which reduced “Daesh” ,backed by Saudi ,control of Mosul city to less than 5%.

Furthermore, Iraqi forces freed the ancient Christian monastery in the historically Assyrian Hawi Al-Kanisah area in northwestern Mosul and seized  most of the vital ’17th Tammuz’ district.

About 500 “Daesh”, backed by Saudi,  militants remain held up in the city, most of which are concentrated around the densely populated Old City neighborhood.