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Mosul death toll rises from 1,260 to 9,000

YemenExtra Y.A The Associated Press has released an updated casualty report from the battle of Mosul: between 9,000 and 11,000 dead, many times higher than the figure of 1,260 cited by the Iraqi government after the climactic fight…

US Post 9/11 Wars ‘Budget’ Approaching $6 Trillion

YemenExtra Y.A The US is up to its neck in the quagmire of war and since 9/11 its oxymoronic “war on terror” has cost almost $ 6 trillion  to maintain. This shocking budgetary analysis has been released by the Watson Institute as part…

“Daesh” Sex Slave Documents Recovered in Mosul

YemenExtra Y.A An "Daesh" sex slave ‘bill ’ , backed by Saudi Arabia, has emerged from the newly freed Iraqi city of Mosul showing how women were being traded by warped fanatics. The ‘bill of sale’ shows how one woman, described as…