North Korea to fire 4 ballistic missiles targeting US territory



According to North Korean state media, the Korean People’s Army (KPA) are preparing for the launch of four ballistic missile towards US territory.

North Korean state media stated that, with the permission of supreme leader Kim Jong-un, the KPA would live-fire four Hwasong-12 intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBM) towards Guam island (a US territory in the Pacific) and that these missiles would land within about 30 to 40 kilometers of its coast. Moreover, it was clarified that the plans to carry out such an operation could be concluded by around “mid-August”.

In the event that such action takes place, the missiles are expected to fly over Japan to a total distance of almost 3,400 kilometers. Flight time is estimated at just short of eighteen minutes.

The island of Guam has main US military infrastructures present on it including airbases which house US Air Force strategic bombers.

Most US politicians, military figures and geopolitical analysts have concluded that North Korea would probably be “wiped off the map” and its current government demolsihed in the event actual hostilities are triggered between Pyongyang and Washington.