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41 dead in South Korea hospital blaze: Yonhap

YemenExtra M.A. At least 41 people were killed in a blaze at a hospital in South Korea on Friday, Yonhap news agency said, with dozens more injured. Video footage and pictures showed a helicopter flying above the building in…

North Korea Offers to Attend Olympics in Talks with South

YemenExtra M.A. North Korea offered to send athletes and a high-level delegation to the forthcoming Winter Olympics in the South on Tuesday as the rivals held their first official talks in more than two years after months of tensions…

Kim Jong Un Warns US: Nuclear Button Always on My Desk

YemenExtra M.A. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned the United States that his country’s nuclear capabilities are now complete and the nuclear launch button is always on his desk. “The entire mainland of the US is within the…