Intesar whith an Ivoy Eye






Look carefully at this picture of this young girl ,her right hand and what is between her fingers

Have you seen well?

Yes, an artificial eye, putting it to see well after she lost her eyes one day

It is Intesar ,the only survivor of her family from the brutal bombing of the offensive aircraft

that destroyed everything except Intesar and her only one eye. Then the doctor decided for her to live with one eye and another eye

which is made of ivory, with which she can’t see well, but she can use it whenever necessary .

But who can give this girl from his eyes’ light ? Or gives her memory, which isn’t used yet ? The girl who transformed during a few

minutes from childhood phase into post-aging and disability phase

Intesar is 
one story of the thousands and dozens of children in Yemen

In a scorched nights chosen by the enemy to escalate and pressure on the people to surrender

These are the unequal battle soldiers who were launched by Saudi Arabia every day on their chests at nights whose moon isn’t full, and

we do not know the sin of them except this geographical range from Mahrah to Saada !!

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