Iraq Asks Turkey, Iran to Stop Trading with Kurdistan Region



In an official note to Tehran and Ankara, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on them  to halt their trade deals with the Kurdistan region amid the KRG’s secessionism.

Alsumaria TV has declared that the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a formal note, has urged Iran and Turkey to close their border crossings with the Kurdistan region and halt business deals with Erbil.

The official letter was sent to the Iranian and Turkish embassies in Baghdad. He also called on the two friendly countries to close the border crossings until the Iraqi central government takes control of them, said Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub .

Mahjoub has called for more interaction of Iran and Turkey with the Iraqi federal government based on the good neighborliness principle and respect for national sovereignty, in addition to supporting mutual cooperation to cope with common threats, a Farsi report by Fars News Agency said.

Iraq’s punitive measures against the Kurdistan region started after Erbil officials held an illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region in late September despite regional and global opposition to the plebiscite on the separation of Iraqi Kurdistan from the central government.

The Iraqi federal government has called on Erbil to submit all border crossings and airports in Kurdistan to Baghdad. Erbil, however, has rejected Baghdad’s request.

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