Yemeni Joint Forces Kill a Number of Saudi-Led Coalition in Battlefronts



In response to the Saudi-led coalition fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 13000 people,mostly civilians , the Yemeni joint forces ,Wednesday, continued to carry out their military operations in the provinces of Shabwa, Al-Jawf, Taiz, Al-Bayda, Nehim and Marib.

A military source told “YemenExtra ” that 3 tents were burnt , and the Saudi-led coalition’s  fortifications were targeted by the Yemeni joint forces , as well as they killed and wounded a number of the paid fighters amid their ranks in an attack on their positions in the directorate of Asilan, Shabwa province.

The artillery of the Yemeni joint forces targeted the paid fighters’ sites  in al-Manara mount and Harib Nehim ,it added.

Units in the Yemeni joint forces carried out a surprise attack on the positions of  the paid fighters in Dar al-Sharqi in the district of Hamir in the directorate of the province of Taiz, it confirmed .
In Al-Jawf province , a military vehicle of the paid fighters was completely damaged in the directorate of the Masloob after being targeted by artillery shelling.

The Yemeni joint forces , furthermore, carried out an attack on the paid fighters’ sites in the district of Al-Hawl district of Nehim, leaving dead and wounded  amid  their ranks.

In Marib, 3 of the paid fighters were killed by the shooting operation in Al-Najd district.

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