Lebanese Soliders Dismantled Israeli Surveillance Devices Planted Near the Country’s Border



Lebanese security forces have busted an espionage cell in the country, whose members were collecting sensitive information and passing it to the notorious Israeli spy agency Mossad,according to Lebanese media.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Lebanon-based Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television news network, General Director of the General Security Directorate Major General Abbas Ibrahim stated that the cell, run by a Syrian national identified as Paul George Khoury, was dismantled last July.

Ibrahim added that Khoury traveled to Belgium in 2011, where he met with a group of people affiliated to Mossad.

Khoury came to Lebanon in 2014, Ibrahim explained, and sought to establish a charity group as a cover to recruit agents for the Israeli spy agency.

Mossad then tasked Khoury with recruiting agents, inspecting Lebanese military and security sites, arranging meetings with people who had a predisposition to collaborate with the Tel Aviv regime, and promoting Zionism.

Lebanese General Directorate of State Security announced in a statement on October 7 that security forces had arrested three people on charges of collaborating with Mossad.

The Lebanese army soldiers and Hezbollah fighters have on occasions dismantled Israeli surveillance devices planted near the country’s border regions with the occupied territories.

The Israeli regime continues to carry out hostile acts against Lebanon in blatant violation of international regulations.