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Hezbollah announces stand by Damascus and the Syrian people

Hezbollah denounced the tripartite aggression on Syria by US, Britain and France, stressing that the Lebanese resistance movement firmly stands by Damascus and the Syrian people. Hezbollah said, In a statement released by the party’s…

Lebanese Nuclear Physics Student Found Dead in France

YemenExtra M.A. A Lebanese man studying nuclear physics found dead earlier this week in France, with reports on his death were conflicting. It was initially reported that Hisham Salim Mourad- from the southern town of Braikeh in…

Hezbollah: We’ll Defend every Single Meter in Our Territory

YemenExtra M.A. Hezbollah Deputy Chief, Sheikh Naim Qassem, vowed that the Lebanese resistance won’t cede one iota of its country’s territory. During a meeting in Beirut southern suburb (Dahiyeh) on Wednesday, Sheikh Qassem said that…