International Banned Cluster Munition Injures a Civilian in Saada



A civilian was injured Wednesday when a cluster bomb dropped by the Saudi-led coalition exploded in the northern governorate of Saada.

The international prohibited bomb exploded in Maran area, district of Haidan, resulting in critical wounds sustained by a civilian, a source reported to YemenExtra.

Moreover, the Saudi-led coalition conducted  6 raids this morning, three of them struck the area of Tkhia, district of Majz, two of them on al-Azhour, district of Razih, and two raids on the area of Frd, Kataf district.

International organizations have recorded thousands of unexploded cluster bombs waged by the KSA/UAE fighter jets on several districts in the governorate of Saada, posing a major risk to all civilians located in the aforesaid governorate.