Saudi Border Guards Injure a Citizen in Saada Province




A citizen was wounded on Monday by Saudi border guards in the northern province of Saada.

A civilian residing in Monabeh border district was wounded by the bullets of Saudi border guards, local source confirmed to YemenExtra.

Just Yesterday, two citizens living in the aforementioned district were killed by the fire of the Saudi border guards, while another citizen fell as a victim due to reckless Saudi border guards’s assaultsin Raqw region in Monabeh border district.

A Saudi-led war began against Yemen on March 26 of 2015, in an attempt to reinstall a Saudi-friendly president, Hadi. Hadi was ousted by the Ansarullah revolutionaries, whereas the latter enjoy wide public support, and that is when they took control over the country’s affairs with an aim of eliminating foreign intervention or influence over Yemen.