Two Citizens Wounded in Saudi Airstrike on Sa’ada


YemenExtra,19 March,2017

Two citizens were injured by an airstrike waged by the warplanes of the US-Saudi aggression targeting their farm on Sunday in Baqim district of Sa’ada governorate.

The hostile warplanes hit Al-Aslan area once, resulting in the injury of two civilians

he aerial attack had targeted a vehicle as it was travelling along a road in the Maqbanah district of the province on Saturday afternoon.

Later in the day, Saudi military aircraft launched four air raids against Yakhtal area of the Red Sea port city of Mukha, situated 346 kilometers south of the capital, Sana’a. There were no reports about possible casualties and the extent of damage caused.

Saudi warplanes also struck the mountainous Jabal al-Omari area in the Dhubab district of the same Yemeni province, but no fatalities were reported.

Separately, Saudi aircraft dropped internationally-banned cluster bombs on an area in the al-Khawkhah district of the coastal western province of Hudaydah.

اعلان الزكاة