Yemeni Joint Forces Respond in Battlefronts :Yemeni Officials




In a response to the Saudi led coalition deeds , the Yemeni joint forces killed ,injured and shot dead Saudi soldiers and paid fighters , seized ammunition, recaptured sites in many battle fronts.

Zelzal 2 launched on gatherings of the Saudi army and paid fighters in Alab, said a military source.

The Yemeni joint forces targeted gatherings of Saudi army with a number of shelling on AL-Kares site, shot dead two Saudi soldiers in AL-Dabrah site , destroyed a mechanism northern AL-Maeen and killing its crew, and destroyed gun machine 50 and killed its crew by artillery bombing in AL-Hamra hill in Jizan, according to AL-Masirah channel.

The artillery aimed at Soqam, Mosdahdeth AL-Makhrooq ,and Nhiqah sites, Sodais monitor ,and gatherings of Saudi soldiers and paid fighters western AL-Fawaz and AL-Makhrooq, and Salateh site opposite AL-Khadra with a number of shelling resulting in direct injuries, added the source.

AL-Masirah channel citing from the war media said that they killed three paid fighters in separated areas in the city , and engineering unit destroyed a military mechanism of the paid fighters with two explosive devices in Moza’a directorate ,and the artillery targeted gatherings of paid fighters in AL-Jahmaliah in Salah directorate causing direct injuries and in AL- Kendi, Khafah in AL-Jahmalih with a number of shelling as a result direct injuries occurred  in Taiz.

In addition, Qaher M2 Missile launched on gatherings of paid fighters in AL-Jawf, the leader paid fighter Badr AL-Hobishi killed and the leader paid fighter Ibrahim AL-Waili wounded with serious injuries due to Balisti hit in AL-Jawf , 47 paid fighters ,including leaders as a result of a Ballisti hit on the sixth military leadership center in AL-Jawf .

Furthermore, the Yemeni joint forces targeted gatherings of AL-Sadreen camp in Moris ,AL-Dala’a.

The attacks by the Yemeni forces against Saudi targets are carried out in retaliation for Riyadh’s military operations  that was launched in March 2015, killed over 12,000 Yemenis, according to UN.