UAE Invaders Drown the Southern Youth with Hashish And Hallucinogenic Pills In its War




In its war on Yemen, the Saudi-led Coalition used the latest types of weapons, economic and biological war. UAE  and Saudi war on Yemen  were not free of the dirty forms of war, what happened in Aden is one form of the dirty war. Today in Aden,  hashish and hallucinogenic pills spread in Schools and colleges that attacked huge numbers of young people targeted by it in its war of brains destruction.

According to various sources, hashish and hallucinogenic pills  spread among young men and women and became  a major phenomenon in the province of Aden. It is a new phenomenon that has escalated dramatically among young men, elderly and even women and children since the invasion of Aden and the other southern provinces.

Sources pointed out that some types of hallucinogenic pills have been distributed  because of the cheap prices they have made available to everyone and some of them used by young people during chewing qat.

Many people classify the spread of drugs in Aden as a tool of war planned by the UAE enemy to facilitate its plan to create an atmosphere that allows the occupier to remain without problems.

Activists asserted that the goal of the UAE enemy of its war is to control the youth minds and pass its plans to throw them to failed war against Yemen.

They pointed out that the drugs trade flourished in several outlets supervised by the forces of the UAE  and Saudi led coalition , it is marketed in the form of cigarettes.

They added that their love of wealth has greatly helped spread the drug trade in Aden that came from  Dubai.

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