Military Battalions Graduate in Al-Jawf Province to Combat Saudi Forces




A military batch just graduated from the province of Jawf prepared to join the Yemeni joint military on various battlefields.

During the military course, the fighters received different types of combat training to brace them for confrontation against Saudi-paid militia and forces.

The Saudi regime and their allies have caused the death and injury of a total of 30,000 Yemeni civilians, according to independent statistics.

For their part, they conveyed messages of bravery to the rest of the Yemeni society as they promise to fulfill their duty and inflict the Saudi-led coalition heavy losses, local source reported to YemenExtra.

Many Yemeni provinces witness the graduation of battalions in conjunction with a large popular movement to support the fronts with men, money and weapons, particularly for the western coast battle in Hodeidah province.

اعلان الزكاة