A Convoy from from Dala’a and Wadi Daher , Hamdan People in support of the Yemeni Joint Forces




Sheikhs , dignitaries and sons of the districts of Dalaa and Wadi Dhah in the directorate of Hamdan governorate of Sana’a today provided a food and financial convoy in support of the Yemeni joint forces stationed in the fighting fronts.

During the convoy, which included foodstuffs, livestock, water , two million Riyals and jewelry, the people of Dalaa and Wadi Daher confirmed that the convoy comes within the framework of continued support for the Yemeni joint forces  who defend the homeland.

They considered providing the convoy as low as possible to those who offer their lives and blood cheap in order to defend the homeland , its security and stability.

And the tribes of the valley of Daher and Dala’a denounced in a protest to condemn the crimes committed by the Saudi led coalition against the people of Yemen and imposed by the unjust siege contrary to international conventions and humanitarian laws.