The Yemeni Forces Go on Responding to the Coalition’s Military operations




In response to the Saudi –led coalition’s military operations which have killed and wounded civilians, destroying public and private  properties and so on , the Yemeni joint forces go on killing and wounding Saudi soldiers ,destroying military mechanisms, etc in and around Yemen.

Due to the Yemeni joint forces operations, two Saudi soldiers shot dead behind border guard leadership eastern AL-Rabuah and AL-Hanjer site monitor, in addition to targeting gatherings of Saudi soldiers in AL-Hajez camp in Asir.

According to a military source, the artillery of the Yemeni joint forces aimed at gatherings and fortifications of Saudi soldiers in AL-Madrasha village, Walan camp, AL-Kars Jawbah  site, AL-Qarn , and AL-Montazah and AL-abadiah sites , as well as a mechanism broke down in AL-Khashel site in Jizan.

Additionally, missile bombing targeted gatherings and fortifications of Saudi soldiers in AL-Homer monitor, AL-Mosdahdath site, behind Sodais monitor, and the northern Tal’ah sites and direct injuries reported. Artillery bombing aimed at gatherings and fortifications of Saudi soldiers behind AL-Talah site, , AL-Fawaz’s site and monitor, the Saudi army artillery sites behind AL-Shabakah , western AL-Makhrooq in Najran.

Three of paid fighters killed on Forty street, an advance foiled northern Mokha , a mechanism destroyed , a gun machine ,14,5,gained, dead and wounded of paid fighters fell, snaking attempt of the paid fighters in AL-anian village in Habashi mountain directorate in Ta’az amid at the hands of the Yemeni joint forces, it stated.

AL-Masirah channel reported  killing three of the paid fighters by the sniper unit in Yam Mount series and foiling a snaking attempt of the paid fighters towards the snipers hill and AL-Hamra hill in Yam hill , leaving dead and wounded and the rest fled in Nehim.

The Yemeni joint forces destroyed 11 military mechanisms and killed a large number of the paid fighters , including Sudanese through facing an advance on AL-Makhazen in Midi, it confirmed .

Meanwhile, the Yemeni joint forces aimed at paid fighters sites in Shawaq valley in AL-Gail directorate resulting in dead and wounded amid their ranks in AL-Jawf.

Yemeni forces have been responding to Saudi Arabia’s more than two years of invasion launched in support of a former government. Thousands of civilians have been killed in the war which has also destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and put the country on the brink of a famine.