A Security Official Assassinated in Al-Wade’e District in Saudi-Held Abyan




Unidentified gunmen assassinated, Sunday, a security official loyal to the Yemeni ex-president, Haid, in Al-Wade’e district based in Abyan governorate, southern Yemen.

The gunmen were riding in a four-wheel drive vehicle and opened fire on the commander of the so-called security belt in Al-Wade’e, named Abd al-Hakim Omair, in the middle of a public market in Al-Ain city located in Lawdr district, leading to his immediate death as well as two of his companions.

Abyan governorate and a number of southern Yemeni govenorates have been witnessing a wave of insecurity consisting of assassinations, exclusive devices and robberies as they are currently under the supervision of the Saudi regime and its paid-militias.

اعلان الزكاة