Saudi Border Guards Take the Life of One, Injure Another in Saada




One person was killed and another injured Tuesday by Saudi border guards as they continue to bombard border areas using rockets and shells.

The Saudi border guards opened fire at the citizens in Al-Raqu area in Manbah district, leading to the death of one civilian and the injury of another, local sources reported to YemenExtra.

Many bordering regions remain victims of reckless and brutal bullets, missiles and shells of the Saudi forces, resulting in massive destruction.

In a similar context, a child was killed yesterday by a sudden explosion of the Saudi international weapon, a cluster bomb, in the region of Al-Dhariah based in Sahar district.

The day before yesterday, another little victim was killed by Saudi missile and artillery bombardment targeting the bordering district of Shda.

The aforementioned war crimes come under the context of “returning legitimacy” by the Saudi-led coalition, however, the current war only made the Yemeni people reject the Saudi-backed ex-president Hadi even more.