The military and strategic defeat of the invaders and mercenaries; the eternal truth


Ahmed Ayed Ahmed


At this sensitive and historical stage, we find regional, regional and international changes in a single direction: acceptance of the reality imposed on the ground by the protectors of the homeland and the ability of the colonialist terrorist gas-guerillas to change this trend.

The regional and international countries supporting the colonial plan itself lost and lost their military capabilities. It is a record decline, a military defeat and an overwhelming strategy to coincide with the dramatic defeat in the fields of politics and the media as a result of many defeats and losses.

The killing of mercenaries on all fronts by the fire of the army and the popular committees with a high ceiling is the prelude to the end of the entire phase of aggression, and here the Gazan intelligence services may plan to start a new phase in line with the strategy already imposed. This is a great battle that was lost by the coalition of colonial aggression in Yemen at all levels.

It is certain that the Holy National War will remain open in new forms and names until the latest building of a free and independent Yemen is established. This is what will happen and will happen according to the field data.

There is no doubt that the military facts kill the invaders and the mercenaries with rage and die like they are forced to recognize their defeat by implication and the victories of our army and our popular committees, they cannot utter the real name and they cannot speak the truth of the facts but they spread on their channels and broadcast them that this army and these committees are around the corner Great? What a fact! And what a confession of their hearts! What are the hours and days of great maturity and the moment to recover the debt owed?.

Two and a half years ago they did not leave a brutal method or an aggressive method or a terrorist plan, but they walked and carried it to go on their biggest aggressive project, but they won the disappointments and obtained illusions, so that they no longer find the terms formulated by their masters as part of their malicious moral and media support, Through which they tried to introduce weakness and weakness in our souls and influence in our resolve, they lost and missed their malignant hopes and lost the battle not as they expected!

In fact, the media can not but admit this eternal mythical fact, “the historical victory of Yemen,” but they are still unable to pronounce the correct name of the army and the valiant people’s committees, because they are “our army and our committees” who dropped their schemes and defeated them. They are “army fighters and heroes” who care about the invaders and mercenaries, and are not prepared to look back after they have provided the world with the greatest services to humanity by defending culture, identity, religion, display, dignity, pride, freedom and civilization in the face of colonialism and terrorism.

Qmon this sacred national task it is stems from the Yemeni origin and Islamic affiliation and faith-based reference popular Yemeni revolutionary pure fabrications not distorted by all the world’s malicious traitor treacherous and unscrupulous values and morals.

In general, fighting classes end and other battles of the holy national war take place on the fronts of the interior and the frontier fronts. The curtain falls on gold stages with new victories after victories, humiliating Yemeni victories in the blood of glory, pride and arrogance.

Victory comes with the heroism and sacrifices of our brave fighters who killed martyrs on the altar. The freedom of the homeland and its dignity … The project of martyrdom can only be done with immortal victories, and forget that the bitter truth that shocked the mercenary was the failure of the implementation of the part.

A small part of the aggressive plan on Yemen in implementation of the opinion of their operators such as the Al Saud or the Zionists and others, failed and lost and defeated because they do not have any real qualifications for the confrontation on the part and because the leader and the people and the army and the committees are right and us Kimnim of the fundamentals of strength which qualifies us to stability and steadfastness and the great confrontation as introductions and factors Achieving victory at the end of the war on the other hand, which we see in the stages between him and clear and informed in return see the invaders and mercenaries defeat the final view of the eye before the occurrence, this fate and will receive, and to talk the rest.

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اعلان الزكاة