Graphic Pictures: The Saudi-Led Coalition Slaughters 18+ Yemeni Citizens




The Saudi crime committed yesterday resulted in a death toll of twelve citizens due to indiscriminate bombardment by affiliated warplanes.The massacre took place in Harib al-Qaramesh in the province of Marib.

All the killed civilians belong to the district of Serwah, while among the dead are children and women. The brutal crime occurred as the citizens were passing the main road of Naqil Shuja,a local source told YemenExtra.

The source explained that the killed people are six women, two children and four mid-aged men.

The names of the the killed people are listed below:

1_ Hamid Mohammed Hassan Ghorab

2_ Sadik Mohammed Hassan Ghorab

3_ Badar Mohamed Hassan Ghorab

4_ Sarah Mohammed Hassan Ghorab
5_ Abdul Salam Saleh Nasser Al-Radmani

6_ Fahidah Al Ameri
7&8_ The two daughers of Saleh Nasser Al – Redmani

9_ Mohammed Saleh Mbkhout Zaidi

10_ The wife of Mohammed Zaidi

11_The son of Haitham Mohammed Mbkhout

12_Sarah Nimshan Al Ameri

Saudi military jets keep perpetrating war crimes by striking the houses of innocent citizens in several provinces through the past two and a half years of war. Latest three crimes happened in Sana’a and caused the death and injury of more than 150 citizens. However, the genocide taking place in Yemen is only faced by an international silence.

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