Secret Report: Saudi Foreign Ministry Report about the War on Yemen





September 26, 2017 Yemen News /


The American newspaper “The Atlantic” issued a decoumented report saying that they are letters between the Saudi Foreign Minister , Adel Al-Jubeir ,to the President of the Royal and Special Court ,the Secretary General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, entitled with  the necessary steps to confront Netherlands which aims to open an independent investigation about the human rights situation in Yemen in Human Rights Council in Geneva


Adel Al-Jubeir said that the contents of the letter dealt with the efforts of “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic teams in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates which have followed international attitudes ,about the war on Yemen ,presented the idea of opening an independent investigation by Western countries, especially the Netherlands. “


He added that this issue is a source of great concern because it could reveal the crime of the Saudi war on Yemen and put the Kingdom in a difficult situation


Saudi Arabia is trying to benefit from the current United Nations General Assembly to help stopping  the European Union and the Netherlands from conducting an independent international investigation about human rights violations in Yemen.


“Saudi officials have publicly paid European and Dutch diplomats bribes o seduce them to ignore Saudi war crimes on Yemen. “The creation of unrealistic reports with a completely legal view to cover war crimes on Yemen is one of the shameful points in this document, according to the newspaper.


“The document shows the corrupt infrastructure of the United Nations and the ability to pay bribes to officials of the organization, as well as influencing  European NGOs to ignore human rights violations by Riyadh on Yemen,”  which is a shameful fact and also a new source of concern for political parties,it added.


The most important point in this document is that the Saudi Foreign Ministry has informed its king that it has been able to prevent forming  an independent investigation about human rights violations in Yemen by the Netherlands and other relevant countries over the past two years by paying bribes and lobbying.


“If this historical document is true, it will be a great disgrace to the United Nations, whereas senior UN officials have coverd the massacre of Yemeni children and women bribery and lobbying by an extremist state.” according to the newspaper.

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