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Yemeni official highlights the strength of Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces has lauded the highly disruptive drone attacks on Saudi Aramco petroleum and gas processing plants at Abqaiq and Khurais in the kingdom's Eastern Province as an outstanding example…

Enough is enough for Sudan: Sudanese official

YemenExtra Y.A A prominent political activist in Sudan has called for the withdrawal of his country’s soldiers currently fighting in Yemen. Rashid Saeed of the Sudan Professionals’ Association is a civilian member of Sudan’s ruling…

UN official: Saudi Arabia pushes Yemen back 20 years

YemenExtra Y.A The five-year-old Saudi war against Yemen has brought the country back 20 years in terms of development, and access to education, a senior UN official said Tuesday. "Yemen has lost 20 years of development," Achim…