Yemeni Joint Forces Able to Reach Red Sea ,African Coasts




One year since the targeting of the UAE military vessel “Swift” achievement did not stop at that limit  but was followed by similar operations .

On that day, the attack on the ship Swift reflected a qualitative and surprising attack to the Saudi-led coalition, which bet that the coast of Yemen would remain abandoned.

And the strike played another important role by the ship Swift in the aggression on Yemen through the transfer of military equipment very quickly because of the specifications characteristic. The satellites were spotted by arrival’s pictures of Swift in the coast of Eritrea shortly before the strike and in a logistical mission against Yemen.

The strike lefr heavy damage to the Swift, so they resorted to selling it in the scrap market in Greece after it was impossible to repair it.

On this day, the Abu Dhabi sheikhs remember that after Swift will be stronger. In his September 21 speech, Sayyad ,Abdulmalik Al-Houthi warned: “We have the ability to strike not only in Bab al-Mandeb but in any area of the Red Sea at the level of Yemeni coastline to the Saudi coast and to reach to some African coasts.”

Changing the equation in this year since the destruction of the Swift ship, Yemen has been able to save its coasts and reach warships of coalition in a wide area that reaches Saudi ports.

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