Yemeni Joint Forces to Slap more Losses against Saudi-Led Coalition




A number of the Saudi-led coalition paid fighters were killed ,while others were wounded ,Tuesday ,in military operations by the Yemeni joint forces in the provinces of Taiz, Baydah and al-Jawf as response to the Saudi-led coalition ongoing air strikes that claimed the lives of about 13000 people,mostly civilians

 The Yemeni joint forces carried out an attack on sites of the paid fighters in the directorate of Zaher in the province of Bayda , confirming the death and wounding of several of them during the operation,according to a military official

In the province of Taiz, the Yemeni joint forces faced an attempt of advancing by the paid fighters towards AL-Khazan hill and AL-Shabakah in the area of ​​Qamel, Hifan drectorate, and then they failed the advance ,killing and wounding a number of them,  as well as they failed an attempt of snaking in AL-Dabab  , as a result a number of them were killed and injured

In Al-Jawf, a number of the paid fighters fell dead and wounded in a successful operation by the Yemeni joint forces on their positions in Wadi Shwaq, Al-Ghail directorate

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