How the US House of Representatives Accuses United States of Lieing




The House of Representatives unanimously approved a postponement of a vote on a draft resolution to end US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to November 2.

The draft resolution was introduced by Sen. Ru Khana, Thomas Massey, Mark Buchan and Walter Jones.

The decision asked the US president to end all military involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen , pointing out that Congress has never authorized such participation. The Congress has discretion to take such a decision, and during more than two years of war on Yemen, there has been no vote on US participation in the war.

“In March 2015, the United States entered its armed forces in the Saudi regime’s war against the Yemeni Houthi uprising and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh,but Huthis and Saleh are in no way affiliated with al-Qaeda extremists or a sympathetic organization, which the United States fought all over the world under the 2001 Military Use Act .Therefore, US participation in the war in Yemen does not include this law. “” wrote Sen. Ru Khanna, Mark Buchan and Walter Jones in the New York Times. .

The senators accused the Saudi alliance of starving millions of Yemenis as an evil tactic of war.