Al-Masirah: the Health of Hundreds of Patients Depends on Health Minister’s Decision




In its investigation conducted on Saturday and presented its first part, Al-Masirah satellite channel completed the second part of the investigation prepared by Abdul Hamid Al-Gharbani regarding the delay in the disbursement of some drugs in the Ministry of Health.

In the details of this investigation, the camera lens was revealed after a field visit to the Ministry of Health and the urgent meeting of the Minister of Health, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Services and other officials of the National Drug Supply Program. The investigation also found findings that revealed many leads that led to Find out the causes of late payment of some medicines.

The investigation revealed the availability of medicines in the Ministry’s warehouses and requested by some hospitals. He reviewed some of the memos reported by the investigation in the first part, which was broadcast yesterday evening, confirming the availability of these drugs in the warehouses of the ministry.

Al-Masirah channel lens visited the Undersecretary’s Office for the Health Services Sector and met with Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Dailami and asked him many questions which he blamed on the Minister. “What happened was that the Minister of Health placed a ceiling and a restriction on the disbursement of medicines.

“The ministry did not take into account the need of patients for medicine, and this is a mistake that we did not expect to involve the senior official in the ministry,” he added.

“We have tried repeatedly to address the differences that have occurred between the minister and some colleagues in the leadership of the ministry, but the minister directed the closure of the warehouses of the ministry and thus deprive the patients of the medicines demanded by a number of bodies, which made the health of hundreds of patients at risk and pledge decisions of HE Minister “.

In the face of the widening gap in the mechanism of the ministry’s work, the channel camera traced the problem. The investigator directed to the office of the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Mohammed Salem bin Hafiz, to ask him about the problem and its consequences.

In the same context, he pointed out that the specialists are the officials of the National Program of Drug Supply, the camera went after the investigation to meet with Yasser Al-Atani, financial director of the program of medical supply Ministry of Public Health and Population, who explained that “the ministry is living in a state of heated dispute between the minister and the Undersecretaries of the Ministry against the background of Management of the National Drug Supply Program”

The Finance Director of the Medical Supply Program also called on the ministry leadership to “leave the program to perform its function and functions in accordance with the decision of establishment, and put it under supervision to supervise its work.”

This channel learned that the leadership of the ministry has agreed on the formation of a committee of specialists to inventory the stores of the ministry and know the quantities in possession of medicines and types, and then start to meet the requests of various bodies affiliated to the ministry.

The investigation concluded that the ministry had exceeded the crisis more than a month after its inception, but its dust revealed the danger of subjecting the state institutions to calculations that do not take into account the lives of citizens and do not care about the seriousness of paying patients.

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