The Ministry of Human Rights: Saudi Arabia and the UAE are responsible for crime on fishermen and the growing terrorism




The Ministry of Human Rights published a report of the Monitoring and Documentation Group on the crime of aggression against fishermen in the island of Al-Badi in Al-Hodeidah, and in a statement issued the countries of the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE full responsibility for the crimes and violations committed directly or by their support for terrorist groups in Aden governorate and the occupied governorates.

The ministry pointed out that the terrorist groups are committing suicide bombings, bombings and assassinations in Aden and the provinces controlled by the occupation countries with the encouragement and support of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In a statement received by the Yemeni news agency Saba, the Ministry of Human Rights called on the United Nations and its various bodies to take responsibility for all crimes and violations committed against the Yemeni people in general and the people of Aden province and the southern governorates in particular.

The ministry said that the ministry is monitoring the violations and crimes committed against citizens in various governorates of the republic, particularly what happened in the governorate of Aden, the growing terrorist and criminal acts, which led to the destruction of all human rights in the provinces where the occupation forces are under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In a related context, the Ministry of Human Rights considered the crime of targeting the Saudi air force to the fishermen in the island of Al-Bogayd in the province of Al-Hudaydah province of war crimes, which requires international prosecution of all parties involved in the commission.

The Ministry pointed out in the report of the monitoring and documentation team of its branch in Hodeidah that the crime committed against fishermen is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and the laws of war, which did not take into account the distinction between military objectives and civilian objects.

The report, which received the Yemeni news agency (Saba), a copy of it that the air raids launched by the coalition aircraft aggression on fishing boats in the middle of the sea on the island of the baby was directed directly and deliberately against the target of a civilian nature located within the territorial waters of Yemen, which is used for hunting, In accordance with international laws and conventions.

The report pointed out that the air force launched three raids on five fishing boats, which led to the fall of ten martyrs and six wounded, while still one of the fishermen are missing, were practicing their hunting in pursuit of a living to provide a decent life for them and those who depend on individuals, Enjoy international protection by their civilian nature.

The rescue teams were unable to reach the scene of the crime and the bodies of the victims and wounded remained stranded on the island because of the heavy flight of the aircraft of aggression that hampered the rescue operations.

According to the report, the Health Office in Hodeidah issued an urgent appeal to the International Committee of the Red Cross to reach the island to recover the bodies and save the fishermen, because local teams could not be lifted because of the flight of Saudi Apache planes targeting anyone trying to get close to the island.

The report pointed out that the Ministry of Human Rights documented incidents of crimes targeting more than 259 fishing boats, which killed at least 813 fishermen and wounded, and reviewed some crimes and incidents of violations targeting fishing facilities and fishing areas in the provinces of Hodeidah, Aden and Abyan.

The report pointed out that the aircraft of the Alliance of Aggression and War Battalions repeatedly and systematically practiced many violations against fishermen and fishing boats located on the western coasts, forcing the fishermen to displacement and displacement in different areas to search for another source of livelihood, to provide their children and improve their economic hardship.

He called for the formation of an independent and impartial international commission to investigate the facts and investigate the crimes committed by the countries of the aggression alliance in Yemen.

According to the economic report issued by the Food Security Information System (FIVIMS), 65% of Yemeni fishermen have lost their livelihoods due to the aggression and siege since March 2015, which has caused severe damage to the fishing sector, which is one of the most important sectors in Yemen.

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