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Features and Capabilities of Samad-1, Samad-3 Drones

YemenExtra Y.A The Military Industries Division of the Armed Forces of Yemen revealed the capabilities and characteristics of two drones, Samad 3, and Samad 1. Scenes of Qasef K2 drones flying in the skies for the first time since…

Yemeni forces strike Saudi targets again and again

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemenis' attacks against major Saudi facilities and infrastructure have intensified in recent weeks. Yemeni forces targeted a power plant in Jizan province southwest of Saudi Arabia using a cruise missile in…

Of Western Weapons and War Crimes in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Now, some are conceding that their weapons are indeed the reason why many civilians have been killed and continue to get killed in that unfortunate country. Strange enough, when US political leaders urged the Trump…