UN dropped all coalition’s crimes and the siege against Yemen by a secret assessment




By:Lawyer Abdul Wahab Al Khail

Translated by:SH.A.


While the foreign ministers are preparing for the meeting, which was described as an emergency and will be held on Sunday at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the United Nations, the file will be on the table is Iran’s accusation of supporting the Yemeni national forces by ballistic missiles, which was last targeted on King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Airport in Riyadh.


It is certain that the meeting will be to legitimize the siege and tighten it on the Yemenis and close the land, sea and air ports on them.


But the “The Intercept” website has revealed a document prepared by a panel of experts of the United Nations dropped all the justifications and pretexts of the US-Saudi coalition on Yemen, Yemen’s siege and three-years of killing, which accuses the national forces of dependence on Iran and the implementation of Iranian agendas in Yemen.


The Secret Assessment, prepared by the panel of experts and sent to diplomats, mentioned that, there was no evidence to support Saudi Arabia’s claims that short-range ballistic missiles were sent to Ansar Allah in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.


Added that the committee’s document was sent before the decision of the Saudi coalition to open the ports in southern Yemen, also asked in the summary of the document about the evidence presented by Saudi Arabia about Iran’s connection with the missile that struck an airport in Riyadh on November 4.


“The Saudi claim was used to justify the imposition of the blockade on Yemen,” the website confirmed.


According to the document, the Commission found that, there is no evidence about sending a short-range ballistic missile to the militants of “Ansar Allah” by external sources.


In this context, the Committee considered that, the blockade imposed on the rockets of the Ansar Allah was another attempt by the Saudi-led coalition to use paragraph 14 of resolution 2216 as a justification for blocking the delivery of commodities.


The United Nations has reached a stage that can no longer in covering the crimes of the coalition against Yemen, and the siege of the Yemenis which is unjustified, based on false speculation.


The United Nations has called for an end to the embargo imposed on Yemen!!!!!


Will the Foreign Ministers of the Arabs be ashamed of lying collectively to serve the Zionist-American project in the region to legitimize the killing and siege of the Yemeni people????


Nevertheless, the UN still involved in collusion with the forces of the Saudi-American alliance and covering it up in all the massacres and heinous crimes committed against the Yemenis, which are innumerable massacres .


The United Nations wasted the Yemeni blood, as well as with its last position, the secret evaluation, but I am sure that the diversion was done with the consent of the United Nations in fear of being involved more in an aggression that has no legitimacy or pretext or reason to wage a war of genocide against The sons of Yemen.