Massive Yemeni Joint Forces in Najran, Jizan




In response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people, mostly civilians , the artillery of the Yemeni joint forces targeted Saudi military sites and gatherings in Najran and Jizan provinces, according to a military official on Tuesday.

The shelling struck the groupings in the military sites of Muthalth al-Ashah, al-Hajlah in Najran and al-Khashal tower and Qais mountain in Jizan, added the official added.

In November 19,the artillery of the Yemeni joint forces hit gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Saudi military sites in Najran and Jizan province.The shelling hit the soldiers in the military sites of al-Dhaba’a, al-Shabakah, al-Shurfa and Husn al-Hamad in Najran.

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